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Welcome to the FAQ and Video Learning Page! 

You will find answers to common questions and informative videos to help you understand Align’s healthcare programs

General FAQs

Yes. Providers are usually board-certified physicians. In some instances, a practice may offer a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician’s assistant (PA)

In an emergency or life threatening situation, seek a hospital or call for an ambulance. In most cases, your Direct Primary Care or Virtual Primary Care should be accessible virtually or via text or email to help advocate, navigate and coordinate care. If needed, the Medical Cost Share program would kick in once the member pays their Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) coordinating with Zion Health using their customer service.

No. Typically membership rates do not change with DPC unless a provider re-negotiates their contract for some unexpected reason. Members would be notified in the event this occurs.

No. At this time, DPCs are not recognized by IRS to be paid with pre-tax or HSA payments.

No. Plans are NOT insurance and do not qualify for the employer tax credits.  For information regarding tax credits, please consult with a tax professional.

Our programs do not accept members 65+ however, some DPCs standalone may allow for 65+. Members would need to check with individual providers to identify.

Not unless combined with a qualified Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan. Associations and groups may qualify for our MEC options. Individuals are not allowed on our MEC plans.

The Network Plus+ Plan is compliant with Part A of the Affordable Care Act and The Minimum Value Plan (MVP) is compliant with Part B of the Affordable Care Act.

Yes. We have 1-888 numbers and help desks for member convenience.

You will find Information Cards with all the important information you need to use your plan in your Member Portal.

There is no “open enrollment” since these are month to month programs.

Termination can be done at anytime up till the 20th of the month at midnight just like enrollment.

This is a high-functioning healthcare plan as an alternative to traditional insurance.

The Basic, Virtual/Virtual Plus+, and Direct/Direct Plus+ plans are available to individuals and families.  Visit the individuals and family plans page for plan information. 

We currently have Dental and Vision plans available for Businesses and Trade Organizations and Associations.  They must be coupled with an Align Health Plan.  We do not have Dental or Vision plans available to individuals or families at this time.

Visit the Dental and Vision page for more information.

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