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Better Care. Lower Cost.

A smart alternative to traditional high-cost insurance

With Align, enrollment is always open health care programs are affordable care is personalized and coordinated

Health Plans
business, establishments, shops


Strategic cost-effective solutions for today's workforce demands

Individuals & Families

Quality, affordable and personalized plans for you and your family

Organizations & Non-Profits

Specialized programs for non-profits, trade associations, and municipalities

How it works

For anything beyond primary care...

*Emergency, Specialist, & Hospitalization Cost Protection for Virtual, Direct and Network Programs

How it Works

After enrollment with Align Health, members engage a personal Primary Care Provider who will manage a majority of your health care needs.

With Emergency, Specialist & Hospitalization Cost Protection, members pay their IUA and that’s it. Members only have to pay an IUA 3x per year per household.

Health Care Reimagined

Health Care Reimagined

Say "goodbye" to insurance... No more co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance, or rate increases.

Align Health is reinventing the way healthcare is delivered. Align understands the importance of delivering high-quality, personalized care and the importance of medical event cost protection.

We focus on the importance of your primary care provider being proactive in managing your health while driving positive, member-centric interventions. Our team of primary care providers collaborate with you as your healthcare advocate and navigator of coordinated care for best outcomes.

Getting Started

Select the right solution

Navigate to the health care solution page that best fits your needs:
Individuals & Families, Businesses or Non-Profit & Organizations

Choose a health plan

Individuals & Families will select the health care program that best meets their needs and proceed to complete enrollment. Businesses, Organizations, Non-Profits, and Municipalities will be directed to complete a brief census.

Register and Enroll

Enroll by the 20th of any month to be eligible for care the 1st of the following month. Members can then make an appointment with their primary care provider.

Additional Resources

Visit our FAQ page for answers to frequent questions and for video learning